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The Nordic Council of Ministers office in Lithuania
The Office
The Nordic Council of Ministers office in Lithuania was established in 1991 to represent the Nordic Council of Ministers in Lithuania, and to develop Nordic-Lithuanian cooperation. It has sister offices in Latvia (Riga) and Estonia (Tallinn) as well as in Russia (St Petersburg).
The NCM is the forum of cooperation for the governments of the five Nordic countries - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, including the autonomous areas of the Faeroe Islands, Greenland and the Åland Islands.
The organization consists of several ministerial councils, which meet regularly. Daily work is carried out by the Secretariat in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The Nordic Council of Ministers operates in close relationship with the Nordic Council, the cooperation forum of the Nordic parliaments.
Annual Rapport 2016
2017 Presidency
Norway holds the presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2017. The programme for the Norwegian Presidency focuses on the Nordic Region in transition, the Nordic Region in the world and the Nordic Region in Europe.
Norway’s presidency programme will form the basis for Nordic inter-governmental co-operation in 2017 and is divided into three main themes:
  • The Nordic Region in transition
    We will promote Nordic competitiveness, the green transition, the transition to a low-emission society, integration, and co-operation on health.
  • The Nordic Region in Europe 
    We will work to strengthen our co-operation on European policy. A strong Nordic voice in Europe is good for the region and good for Europe.
  • The Nordic Region in the world 
    We will further develop the Nordic strategic partnership on foreign policy. 
Norway will also take a close look at synergies between Nordic and Nordic-Baltic co-operation.

The Guidelines
Activities of The Office
The Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania is running the following activities:
  • ACTS AS A LIAISON between the Nordic ministerial councils and the secretariat in Copenhagen on the one hand, and with Lithuanian ministries and other official bodies on the other;
  • PROVIDES INFORMATION about the Nordic countries, Nordic institutions and Nordic cooperation;
  • PROMOTES NORDIC CULTURE in Lithuania and encourages Nordic-Lithuanian cultural cooperation;
  • ADMINISTERS several Nordic Council of Ministers exchange programmes and other projects in Lithuania.
  • PROMOTES the development of democracy and civil society in Belarus. More about The Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania' role in the implementation of these activities, please read in Belarus section.
The programmes
The Nordic Council of Ministers runs a number of projects and grant programmes, that are open to Lithuanian participation. The guidelines, deadlines and application forms can be found in the Programmes section.
The Film Library
The Office runs the Nordic Film Library, which is the only one in Lithuania offering films for borrowing free of charge and promoting Nordic films.
The logotype of the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania: