Belarus activities

The Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania is working actively to promote the development of democracy and to strengthen civil society in Belarus. The Nordic Council of Ministers office in Lithuania plays an important role in the implementation of these activities. The support is being provided using following instruments and programmes:
Scholarship Schemes
Administration of two scholarship schemes funded by the European Commission: 
1. Open Europe Scholarship Scheme (OESS). Official website:
2. European Scholarship Scheme for Young Belarusians (ESSYB). Official website:
Funding programmes
Administration of  a Nordic and Baltic programs for non-governmental organizations (NGO) in the Baltic Sea Area. More about programmes:
Northern Lights Nordic Film Festival in Belarus (2015)
Northern Lights Nordic Film Festival was held in Belarus in April 2015 in three cities: Minsk (15-21 April), Homel (17-23 April), Vitsebsk (23-29 April). 7 nordic films were screened duringthe film festival. All films represented 5 countries, members of the Nordic Council of Ministers, i.e. Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark.
The following films were featured: Pioneer / Pionér, 2013 (dir. Erik Skjoldbjærg, Norway); I am yours / Jeg er din, 2013 (dir. Iram Haq, Norway), A Patriotic Man / Isänmaallinen mies, 2014 (dir. Arto Halonen, Finland), They have escaped / He ovat paenneet (dir. J.-P. Valkeapää, Finland), Paris of the North / París Norрursins, 2014, (dir. Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurрsson, Iceland), The Shooter / Skytten, 2013 (dir. Annette K. Olesen, Denmark), Hotel / Hotell, 2013 (dir. Lisa Langseth, Sweden).

Two films were introduced by foreign guests: Jan Erik Holst, a film scholar from Norway, and Arto Halonen, a film director from Finland.  

The MIR Film Theatre (vul. Kazlova 4a) has become the main venue in Minsk. In Homel it has been be also the MIR theatre (vul. Ilijicha 51b) and in Vitsebsk the MIR theatre as well (vul. Chekhava 3). It’s not a coincidence. The theatres’ names (MIR stands for “peace”) tune in to the festival’s program featuring films that touch upon various aspects of peace and understanding among the society. Thus, each film featured by the Northern Lights was about peaceful relations and mutual understanding between men and women, state and society, thirst for glory and conscience, teenagers and outer world, parents and children.
The Festival was initiated, financed and supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers, Office in Lithuania and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv.
Promotion of Nordic best-practices in Belarus in the field of film industry and energy efficiency (2015)
The main purpose of the project is to promote and disseminate Nordic best-practice examples in the areas of energy efficiency to the general public in Belarus.
Project activities:
Competition for schoolchildren playing the internet game "Battle for the Earth" (September 2015). The game was developed by the Nordic Council of Ministers office in Lithuania (available in Russian on The game promotes the idea of saving energy resources among children and youth by changing their habits.
Publication of a brochure “Smart at Home” (October 2015) providing facts and advices on how to save energy in the households. The brochure will be an adaptation of a Lithuanian version which Nordic Council of Ministers office in Lithuania published in 2009. The brochure will be adapted to the Belarusian context, printed in Belarusian language and disseminated among the households of a selected municipality in Belarus as well as for selected schools in Belarus.
Seminar about energy efficiency for business (November 2015). The seminar about energy efficiency in business will be organized in Minsk with participation of up to 4 Nordic experts.