Labeling waste with the Nordic pictograms model will help to sort more efficiently


The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Lithuania, the Ministry of the Environment and the representatives of the Darom campaign are initiating a project on the possibilities of applying the waste labeling (pictogram) system operating in Denmark and other Nordic countries in Lithuania.

The project started on March 17 with an expert workshop, during which it was discussed which of the icons used in the Nordic countries could be applied in Lithuania.

In Denmark, a national waste labeling system – icons for color coding for different waste categories – was set up in 2016. The pictogram system currently in use in most Danish municipalities, as well as in Sweden, is expected to become operational in Finland, Norway and Iceland in the near future.

Pictograms can be used not only for waste containers, but also for packaging on the market – the symbols ensure a visual connection between the packaging turned into waste and the waste container, the visualization provides clarity to consumer.

During the implementation of the system, the Nordic countries consulted with experts, conducted surveys involving not only specialists from municipalities, waste management and recycling centers, business representatives, but also listened to citizens’ experiences. Gained knowledge and experience will be used in Lithuania – discussions with experts will be initiated, and a survey of the general public is planned.

One of the main goals of the pictogram system is to ensure smooth communication between all actors in the waste sector – producers and importers, municipalities, waste managers and the public.

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