Activities in Belarus

Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania is working actively to promote the development of democracy and to strengthen civil society in Belarus. The Nordic Council of Ministers office in Lithuania plays an important role in the implementation of these activities.

Priority is given to projects, which strengthen independent media and NGO sector, promote human rights, quality education, women’s and youth empowerment, raise environmental awareness as well as others. Activities are in line with principles of Nordic Vision 2030, more:

Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania does not have a separate application call for Belarus, but always welcomes project proposals, which to be eligible should have partners from Nordic countries.

Allocated funding for 2021 – 1000 000 DKK. For more information/submit project proposals:

The support for Belarus is being provided using following instruments and activities:


Ongoing projects 

  • Ecotec events for greener Belarus

Strengthening environmental literacy and awareness as well as creation new solutions for solving environmental problems in Belarus.

  • Civil Monitoring and Civil News Platform ZUBR

Support daily coverage of civil society activities and initiatives, create content of trustful information for Belarusian audience.

  • Nordic Talks in Belarus 2.0

Discussions/Presentations about best Nordic experiences on different topics.