Celebrate The Nordic Day and test your knowledge with the Nordic Quiz!


March 23 is celebrated as the “Nordic Day” and marks the signing of the Helsinki Treaty on 23 March 1962 It is the political agreement that sets the framework for Nordic cooperation. To mark the occasion, the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania presents an exciting and educational Nordic Quiz, which allows everyone to test their knowledge of the Nordic countries online.

“We are facing huge challenges because of the pandemic. When creating this quiz, we thought about the change that brought the most stress to the population – the restriction of social contact. We have already gotten used to distance learning and business meetings, but it is harder to replace natural leisure time with digital means. We hope that the Nordic quiz as a part of popular quiz culture, will take root in the digital space as well, ”said Helén Nilsson, head of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Lithuania.

The game can be played by one or more users at a time. It consists of over 300 professionally prepared questions about the Nordic countries. The developers of the game hope that it will also become a tool to facilitate the work of teachers or community leaders across the Nordic-Baltic region.

„The quiz can become a fun and useful activity for teachers to engage their students in online classes, and once they return to real classrooms,“ said Helén Nilsson. „It is also a great way to bring friends and family together through a virtual competition that everyone can take part in, and at the same time gain new and useful knowledge about the Nordic countries.“

The online quiz supports the vision of the Nordic Council of Ministers by raising awareness of new digital teaching methods and tools, and improving linguistic and cultural understanding, which is important to make Nordic and Baltic people feel like a community.

The quiz is available in four languages: Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, and English. Users can play the online quiz on their mobile devices and desktop computers.

You will find the quiz at https://bit.ly/3cSpTNL