Food Waste: Communities & Innovations

2022 / 02 / 22

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2022 / 02 / 22, 16:00 hours

What good can you do with 76 kg of food? That’s how much food average Lithuanian wastes per year. The total value of wasted food in Lithuania reaches as much as 196 million EUR per year, or 3,75 million EUR per week.

One third of world’s food produce goes straight to trash bins and it’s not only uneconomical but unethical as the food industry contributes greatly to pollution.

Small steps sum up to big changes, therefore, we invite you to talk about solutions that we can implement today in our household, in our community, in local restaurants and by building relationships with social organizations.

See you on 22 February at 4 p.m. at the online event “Food Waste: Communities & Innovations”, where speakers from Lithuania and and the Nordic countries will share best practices and perspectives.

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Maria Abrahamsen (Rub & Stub, Denmark) – Fighting Food waste from Farm to Table: The Rub & Stub journey
Irene Di Lauron (Free fridge CPH, Denmark) – An urban food commons in Copenhagen
Valdas Kavaliauskas (Cheesemaker) – Search for a communion between producers and consumers in Lithuania

Moderator: Vaida Pilibaitytė

The event will be held in Lithuanian and English with simultaneous translation.

This event is already the fourth in the series of events “Climate-Friendly Communities” organized by the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania and the City Laboratory.