Nordic-Baltic migration Conference: Cross-border Mobility in the Nordic-Baltic Region

2020 / 09 / 18

Venue of event:

This event will be held ONLINE

Time of event:

2020 / 09 / 18, 10:00 - 13:00 hours

The Nordic-Baltic Migration Conference “Cross-border Mobility in the Nordic-Baltic Region” will take place on September 18th 2020 at 10.00-13.00 and will this time be held online. The Conference in Tallinn focuses on the challenges of migration policy and cross-border mobility in the Nordic and Baltic countries. 

Register to the conference here. Registration is open until September 15th.

The challenges of migration and integration will continue to be one of the main topics of public debate in the Baltic and Nordic region, as well as globally. The Nordic region is one of the most integrated regions in the world and the experience of the Nordic countries confirms that free movement of people is one of the essential prerequisites for development. It has given people better opportunities to study, live and work in their neighbouring Nordic countries. The free movement of people will also be one of the main aims of Nordic cooperation in the coming years to ensure the possibility to move freely within the Nordic region, to work, live and do business in the Nordic countries, or to study.

The new Mobility Action Plan, developed by the Nordic Council of Ministers for 2019-2021, consists of concrete projects and programs that support the free movement of individuals, as well as measures to further develop the prerequisites for free movement and better integration of Nordic companies and individuals.

This conference will address the following topics:

  • Why is mobility and migration such an important area of co-operation for all countries and regions?
  • How has cross-border cooperation and mobility affected the development of the Nordic-Baltic region?
  • How do countries cooperate in supporting cross-border mobility in the Nordic region, could this be a source of inspiration for the Baltic countries?
  • How is the spread of the novel Covid virus affecting cross-border mobility, what are the first lessons learned and possible solutions in the new situation?
  • What could be the future trends of migration and how do they concern the Nordic-Baltic region?

Nordic and Baltic speakers will discuss the impact of mobility and migration on destination countries based on the Nordic experience, and about migration trends in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Professor Jussi Jauhiainen from the University of Turku will deliver the first key-note speech. Jonas Wendel, Head of staff at Nordic Council of Ministers´ Secretary General’s Office will talk about Nordic countries´ cooperation in removing barriers of cross-border mobility and cooperation.

Research shows that there has been a clear turn in migration in Estonia in recent years, and immigration has outpaced emigration figures, but what are the current trends in Latvia and Lithuania? In our first panel academic Tiit Tammaru from the University of Tartu and Professors Zaiga Krisjane from the University of Latvia and Donatas Burneika from the University of Vilnius will present their Baltic migration experiences. Saara Pellander, Director of the Migration Institute of Finland will chair the second discussion panel which will focus on migration trends in the Nordics and between Estonia and Finland. The panel will also include a short presentation of a new book “Mobility, migration and transnational connections between Estonia and Finland” (edited by Rolle Alho & Kaja Kumer-Haukanõmm).

The conference is based on the results of recent academic research and presentations by migration and integration experts from the Nordic and Baltic countries. The aim of the conference is to strengthen Nordic-Baltic cooperation on migration research, focusing on the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of migration and integration, thereby contributing towards a sustainable and balanced development of the Nordic-Baltic region.

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