Nordic Council of Ministers Office joins the Diversity Charter


We are delighted to have signed the Diversity Charter today and formally joined this extremely important initiative!

Head of the Office Helén Nilsson has signed the Diversity Charter and has committed on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office to ensuring diversity and inclusion in the organisation’s activities, equal opportunities and openness.

The Diversity Charter is a non-governmental organization that brings together private, public and non-governmental organizations to create an open and inclusive work environment and to strengthen their social responsibility. Diversity Charters operate in 26 EU countries.

Diversity has a positive effect on social and economic progress if it is not hampered by stereotypes and prejudices. By signing the Charter, the Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers in Lithuania promotes indisputable human rights principles and values ​​and seeks to contribute to the creation of an open and inclusive working environment and society.

The Diversity Charter also contributes to another goal – expressed in our Vision 2030 – for the Nordic region to become socially sustainable by 2030.

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