Grant programme deadlines for 2021


Below is an outline of the 2021 Nordic Council of Ministers’ funding deadlines. For details on specific program application, please read program descriptions or contact program coordinators.

Application deadlines are as follows:


from 1st January 2021 until 1st February 2021

Nordic-Baltic mobility programme for public administration

15th January until 30th March 2021

Culture and Art Programme

8th February until 8th March 2021
10th August until 13th September 2021

Nordic Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture

Mobility funding
11th January until 8th February 2021
1st March until 31st March 2021
1st September until 30th September 2021

Short-term network funding
25th January until 26th February 2021
28th August until 20th September 2021

Long-term network funding
25th January until 26th February 2021

Artist residencies 
8th January until 11th February 2021

Nordic Culture Fund

1st February 2021
3rd May 2021
1st October 2021

Norden 0-30 Grant Programme

11th January until 11th February 2021
6th April until 6th May 2021
6th September until 6th October 2021

Nordic Organisations’ and Institutions’ Mobility programme – NOIM

Applications are accepted all year round.

Nordic Gender Equality Fund

1st March until 31st March

Support Programme for NGO Cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic Countries

15th March until 1st May 2021

Nordic Welfare Centre Funding for Nordic Cooperation between Organisations for People with Disabilities

Strategic initiatives:
28th February 2021


The Nordic Institute for Advanced Training in Occupational Health (NIVA) grants scholarships for attending courses to citizens of Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania throughout the year, with no deadline.