Funding for Nordic Cooperation between Organisations for People with Disabilities


The Nordic Welfare Centre distributes around 1.5 million Swedish krona (SEK) every year in order to promote cooperation between organisations of people with disabilities in the Nordic region.

The aim of the funding is to help organisations of people with disabilities in the Nordic countries to exchange experience and knowledge, develop projects or build up partnerships with their equivalent organisations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The activity must promote the interests of people with disabilities in society in some way.

What can be funded?

Strategic initiatives or projects

Strategic initiatives or projects in the form of a partnership between organisations from at least three Nordic countries, or two Nordic countries and at least one Baltic State.

Strategic initiatives and projects could for example involve:

  • Activities relating to the rights and interests of people with disabilities in society, such as conferences, major courses or training camps for children and adolescents with disabilities
  • Products such as printed information materials, method materials, reports or digital products
  • Activities or products that will empower a specific target group, so that their quality of life improves, or they are more able to exercise their rights based on UNCRPD
  • Activities or products that can strengthen the partnership and co‐operation between the participating organisations, or the Nordic dimension in the work of the organisations
  • Activities, or products, that strengthen the organisations’s work with a child and adolescent perspective, an indigenous peoples and minority perspective, an equality or sustainable development perspective
  • Digital cooperation

Who can apply?  

National organisations, associations and groups and networks of national organisations, associations and groups ‐ of, for and with persons with disabilities or chronic diseases. Foundations that have objects, activity and participation that are similar in nature to those of member‐based organisations may be considered.

A single stakeholder must be formally responsible for the application. This stakeholder must be resident in the Nordic region or a Baltic State.

Financial framework

For strategic initiatives and project activities, funding of between SEK 50 000 and SEK 500 000 will be awarded. Funding may be awarded to specific parts of a project, if the organisations pay for the rest themselves or have other sources of funding. Funding for networking activities is up to SEK 15 000.

There are no general requirements regarding self‐ or co‐financing.

Further information

Please note that in 2023 only one application will be opened. In previous years separate applications have been opened for network activities and project activities. Now it is possible to apply for funding of network activities with possible additional project activities.

The application for funding will be open from 25 September to 30 October, 2023. For detailed requirements, please read the Guidelines for The Funding Scheme.

Application form is available online on the Nordic Welfare Center website