NORDPLUS Programme


Introduction to Nordplus

Each year, Nordplus awards 9,6 million euro in funding for mobility, projects and networks. Nordplus is a mobility and network programme for education in the Nordic and Baltic countries, including the autonomous regions of Åland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Nordplus is the largest educational programme within the Nordic Council of Ministers and funded by the Nordic and Baltic countries.

In 2021 and 2022, Nordplus welcomes applications for the programme having the theme “Enhancing educational cooperation and preparing pupils, students  and adults for a greener future”.  This Nordplus highlight/emphasis relates to all Nordplus programmes and to all sectors within the field of education and training. The focus relates to themes, not only in a technical sense, but in a broad societal way. Integrated with this theme is also the Nordic competitiveness based on knowledge, innovation, mobility and digital integration.

Applications addressing the highlight on a greener future will be evaluated favourably.  However initiatives on other themes or issues are also welcome in Nordplus. The bottom line is  that the best projects are always funded irrelevant of the theme or highlight.

Nordplus consists of five sub-programmes:

Nordplus Junior
for preschools, primary and lower secondary schools, cultural schools, general and vocational upper secondary schools and apprenticeship programmes, school authorities and the public and private organisations/institutions involved in the area of school education.

Nordplus Higher Education
for public and private institutions of higher education.

Nordplus Adult
for all organisations and institutions involved in adult education and learning.

Nordplus Horizontal
for all organisations and institutions involved in education and lifelong learning across sectors.

Nordplus Nordic Languages
for all organisations and institutions interested and involved in Nordic languages within all fields of education.

10 Nordplus Objectives

The general objectives for Nordplus 2018–2022 are to:

  • strengthen and develop Nordic co-operation on education, including early childhood and care, and help to create a Nordic–Baltic educational area;
  • support, build on, reap the benefits of and promote innovative products and processes in education through the systematic exchange of experiences and good practice;
  • contribute to the development of quality and innovation in the educational systems for lifelong learning in the participating Nordplus countries through co-operation in education and training as well as co-operation with the labour market on development projects, exchange programmes and networking;
  • promote Nordic language and culture and mutual Nordic-Baltic linguistic and cultural understanding;
  • improve inter-Nordic language comprehension (primarily between Danish, Swedish and Norwegian), especially among children and young people;
  • stimulate interest in and knowledge and understanding of the languages of the Nordic countries essential to society (Danish, Finnish, Faroese, Greenlandic, Icelandic, Norwegian, Sami and Swedish) and Nordic sign language.


The Nordplus handbook is the applicants guide and here you will find specific information for each of the programmes on funding opportunities and requirements: The Nordplus handbook.


You can create and submit your application through Espresso, the online application system of Nordplus: Register and log on to Espresso

NB! Applications must be submitted in electronic form through

For more information visit the homepage of the Programme