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Background information

OPERATION KINO (a.k.a. “Kino karavanas” (Cinema Caravan) in Lithuania) – travelling cinema project started 7 years ago as a project targeting various groups with diverse demographic profiles from most culturally, politically and socially deprived regions. Within the frames of a project 10-15 films are being screened (approx. 35-50 free screenings) in 10-20 Lithuanian towns every year. Cinema Caravan film programme includes high quality Vilnius International Film Festival (VIFF) films selected by festival’s programmers team.

The project tackles the lack of communities’ integration and activity problems. It helps to integrate local communities in different levels – locally by gathering together different social and age groups / nationally by bringing high quality cultural content to regional audience and by doing that – reducing the cultural and social gap between big cities and small towns.

Project purpose and goals

Caravan will visit 35 cities and towns: Marcinkonys, Viešvilė, Raudonė, Židikai, Semeliškės, Želva, Šešuoliai, Kernavė, Preila, Šatės, Kintai, Druskininkai, Lazdijai, Varėna, Pagėgiai, Jurbarkas, Šilalė, Mažeikiai, Plungė, Rietavas, Elektrėnai, Ukmergė, Švenčionys, Šalčininkai,Širvintos, Trakai, Gargždai, Nida, Kretinga, Palanga, Skuodas, Šilutė, Alytus, Tauragė, Telšiai; More than 80 screenings will be organised with the inovative and high quality LED outdoor screen which enables to show films despite air conditions, ensures high quality and bright view all day long. The programme’s main topic will be “travel through films” and it will include films 10-12 films from different regions of the world.

The Nordic Council of MInisters Office in Lithuania supports the part of the programme where films from Nordic countries are shown. Already selected films for the Nordic program: 1. Benjamin Ree “The Painter and the Thief” ( Norway); 2. Nathan Grossman “I am Greta” ( Sweden) 3. Thomas Vinterberg “Another Round/Drunk”(Denmark).

Project partners

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Key events


Girkaliai 06 30 (Grand Opening)


Gargždai 07 02
Plungė 07 03
Elektrėnai 07 04
Trakai 07 08
Variables 07 09
Šilutė 07 10
Palanga 07 11
Marijampolė 07 14
Lazdijai 07 15
Druskininkai 07 16
Kaltanėnai 07 17
Šventupė 07 18
Pabradė 07 20
Marijampolė 07 21
Ukmergė 07 22
Švenčionėliai 07 23
Salcininkai 07 24
Švenčionys 07 25
Pabaiskas 07 27
Marijampolė 07 28
Kretinga 07 29
Pervalka 07 30
Nida 07 31


Alytus, Gargždai, Jurbarkas, Kernavė, Marcinkonys, Marijampolė, Mažeikiai, Pagėgiai, Raudonė, Rietavas, Skuodas, Semeliškės, Židikai, Viešvilė, Varėna, Telšiai, Tauragė, Širvintos, Šilalė, Šatės.