Project duration

01.01.2021- 30.06.2022

Background information

In current times of uncertainty, challenges and restrictions related to Covid-19, the whole education sector is exposed to new challenges and need to reorganize the teaching and learning process. Relevance and timing of the project is firm since education is very high on the political agenda after 2020 Parliament’s election in Lithuania. All major parties express their willingness to reform and strengthen Lithuanian education system, which according international assessments is stagnating, faces many challenges, and needs to be reformed.

Project is in accordance with Nordic Vision 2030 and Finnish presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2021, it will utilise digitalisation and education to tie the Nordic region even closer together, will give young people a strengthened voice in decision making and supporting knowledge and innovation.

Project purpose and goals

NordEd project aims is to enhance Nordic-Baltic cooperation in education field by facilitating debate among policy makers and broader society on relevant education topics, providing best practices of education from the Nordic-Baltic region and supporting the development of innovative education initiatives in Lithuania and Nordic countries. Additionally, project aims to inform wide Lithuanian society about newest trends and solutions, best practices, truths, and presumable myths in Nordic education.

NordEd is about bringing Nordic – Baltic region closer, make it stronger and more competitive – education, science, and innovative technology will be important in creating a new kind of sustainable economic growth. The project will also provide a platform to spread the knowledge and newest research in the field and for the Nordic actors to join the fast-developing EdTech scene in the Baltics.

Project will help to provide policy makers with tools for better decisions in developing a long-term strategy for education in Lithuania and all Nordic- Baltic region. Project will also help to improve the management in the whole sector, and last but not least to give arena for young people to come up with their views and suggestions regarding future education.

The project will directly promote the Vision 2030, as with regard to education and research, the vision is of a region that continues to be a world leader in knowledge and welfare. The project will provide a platform to present and promote the best solutions, practices and newest research from the Nordic countries. The topical themes of the project strongly correlate with the strategic priorities in the Nordic Co-operation programme for Education and Research.
Project will also strengthen Nordic welfare model, where everyone has the opportunity to get education, pursue success in working life or engage in business activity. As its stated in the program of the Finnish presidency of Nordic Council of Ministers, education, science, and innovative technology will be important keys in creating a new kind of economic growth that is sustainable.

Key activities

2 conferences on education + workshop for policymakers + media campaign.

3 – 6th of May 2021 First online – hybrid conference had a strong focus on the Nordic education model, teaching profession, and innovations in the education sector. This conference will provide a place and time for discussions among academia, policymakers, education leaders, practitioners to exchange best practices, develop new networks and ideas for further cooperation.

The second NordEd conference 5-6th of October will invite experts from the Nordic and Baltic countries to discuss the situation of the psycho-emotional climate of children and young people in schools and non-formal education, and how to prevent bullying more effectively. The conference will also focus on vocational training and lifelong learning, topics in which the Nordic countries have gained valuable expertise.

Training for Lithuanian policymakers (politicians, representatives of national and local authorities, school principals, etc.) with invited lectors from Nordic countries on strategic management in education based on best practices from the Nordic countries. Time: autumn 2021/spring 2022.

NordEd conferences will be followed by the media campaign – a series of articles in Lithuanian media on success stories, truths and myths about Nordic education, best practices. The majority of topics will reflect, but will not be limited with the NordEd event themes. Time: 01.05.2021 – 01.05.2022.

Project target groups

1) Policy makers in education sector (politicians, representatives of national and local authorities, school principals, etc.)
2) Society at large (target group of the media campaign)