Nordic-Baltic children’s and youth project “Play for Future”


On 21-23 of October 2020, Arts Libera International in partnership with and sponsorship of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Lithuania organized Nordic-Baltic children’s and youth project “Play for Future”. The project participants and partners: Nordic countries music band “Bandingo”, Alytus Youth Center, Kėdainiai Music School, and Birštonas Art school.

The project gives children and youth from smaller towns of our country the opportunity to meet Nordic countries artists, be creative, socially active, contribute to the development of a progressive society, strive to realize their dreams and goals, develop musical taste and talent and realize creative potential. It also encourages active international cultural cooperation among Lithuania and the Nordic countries and actively develops international exchanges in the fields of education, culture, and civic education.

During the three-day events, there will be meetings, creative and educational workshops, concerts, where the band “Bandingo” consisting of musicians from Denmark, Norway, and Lithuania, will share the good experience and professional skills with children and youth from Lithuanian towns. The project uses music as a tool to strengthen and develop youth’s activity, awareness, motivation, and creativity and their desire to shape modern society. Youth in smaller Lithuanian towns have fewer opportunities to meet peers from other countries, learn new things, experience new learning methods, improve skills, and raise awareness.

The organizers hope that the project will encourage young people’s interest in non-formal cultural education and create conditions for possible long-term cooperation among regional music schools in Lithuania and the Nordic countries.


The project events will take place on:

21st of October 2020 at Alytus Youth Center

22nd of October 2020 at 16.30 at Kėdainiai Art School

23rd of October 2020 at 12.00 at Birštonas Kurhouse