The Voices of Violence


Project duration

16.07. – 31.12.2021

Background information

The Nordic countries, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus face many of the same issues when it comes to gender equality, sexism, and gendered violence. When it comes to sexual violence and sexist behavior, inequalities can still be seen in both Nordic-Baltic regions and Belarus. According to the UN Global Database, between 20 % Estonian and 32 % Danish and Latvian women aged 18-74 have been exposed to sexual or physical partner violence.

The Voices of Violence project on violence and sexism perpetrated against women will work to raise awareness and facilitate reflection, discussion, and dialogue on a prevailing and problematic culture of gender inequality that is shared across borders. The transnational nature of the problem engenders the need to tackle these issues together, sharing knowledge and experiences and discussing possible future solutions.

The project will focus on the importance of spaces and platforms where women can voice their stories and experiences. The project will connect generally with the insights and perspectives generated by the #metoo movement which has continued to gain in importance since 2017. The Voices of Violence project plays into the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 5 which focuses on the strong need to achieve gender equality and to empower all women.

Project purpose and goals

The key objective of the project is to create a platform where women can feel safe enough to tell their stories of sexual violence and sexism. The project aims to raise awareness of issues of gender inequality, sexism, and gendered violence and harassment. The hope is to create a feeling of cross-national community and to help strengthen Nordic values of gender equality, bring attention to a serious and pervasive problem, and hopefully, in the long run, help mobilize a will to change the current situation.

The project also aims to create a space for female literary voices and discussion of feminist issues in literature and art. The goal is to strengthen intercultural dialogue between the participating countries as well as to promote prominent Danish and Icelandic female writers and activists and their work with sexism and violence, thereby exposing the strong traditions of Nordic feminist culture to a Baltic and Belarusian audience

Project target groups

Women who have experienced sexual violence and harassment as well as a broader audience. Also, the people interested in and/or working professionally with film, art, and literature


The Danish Cultural Institute
Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania
The project is realized in cooperation with film festivals and women’s organizations in the relevant countries. These include:
Scanorama Film festival in Lithuania
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (POFF) in Estonia
Northern Lights Nordic-Baltic Film Festival in Belarus
Centrs MARTA in Latvia
Kvennaathvarf in Iceland
Feministeerium in Estonia
Radislava in Belarus

Key events and activities

The traveling video exhibition in Lithuania, Belarus, Estonia, and Latvia from October to December. Each exhibition will have an opening discussion with Nordic and local artists, activists, and other experts.

The exhibition in Lithuania will be displayed from 4th of November until 17th of November at the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, 3 floor atrium and will be opened with a discussion between Danish and Lithuanian activists, writers and gender equality experts on the 5th of November. The opening event will be streamed on the Danish Cultural Institute’s and Scanorama film festival’s Facebook page in English.

Exhibition in Vilnius:
Opening event in Vilnius:
Information about the whole project: or

All events will be streamed online on the Danish Cultural Institute’s Facebook page, made available for viewers across borders.
Please visit and follow, for more details on the following opening events.