3 artist residencies in Lithuania granted funding for inviting Nordic and Baltic artists


Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artist Association

Being in residency gives artists a chance to work in a more concentrated way and to develop their artistic practices in an inspirational environment that also offers possibilities for new collaborations. This year’s application round for Funding for Artist Residencies as a part of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme attracted more applications than ever.

Nordic Culture Point received 84 applications in this year’s round, 15 of which were granted funding. The total amount awarded was EUR 616 000. Competition was again fierce, and the grant percentage was 18%.

In Lithuania three artist residencies got funding more than EUR 100 000 in total for 2023.

Miško uostas

The Trainspotting Art Residency, Miško uostas, received EUR 29 456. They will invite four sound artists or workgroups from Nordic and Baltic countries for a four-month residency. By focusing on placemaking, artists will create sound works for train passengers based on their experiences of Švenčionėliai – a derelict town built around a train station, transformed by creative community “Miško uostas”.

Hands on Press

In Kaunas the Hands-on Press residency received EUR 21 508. They invite Nordic artists whose practice focuses on small editions of printed-matter to explore their own creativity through self-publishing and riso-printing, in the context of Kaunas, Lithuanian and its creative community.

The Festivity Residency programme, organized by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artist Association received EUR 49 980. in funding to research and artistic interpretation of the holiday phenomenon. It is open for artists, art and humanities researchers, and activists who are exploring the phenomenon and elements of different celebrations in their practice.

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