Last application round for 2023 art and culture projects announced


Nordic Culture Points grant programmes provide the opportunity to create culture, conduct projects and carry out meetings between artists and cultural workers in the Nordic region and Baltic countries. The last application round for 2023 is now open. Head over to read more about the programmes and find one that suits you and your requirements!

Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture: Mobility Funding

Mobility funding is intended for the travel and stay of professional artists or cultural workers within Nordic and Baltic countries.

Application round: 28.08.2023 – 28.09.2023 15:59

Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture: Network Funding

Network funding enables periods for cooperation, exchange of ideas and knowledge between professional artists and cultural workers in the Nordic region and/or Baltic countries and areas.

Application round for short-term network funding: 21.08.2023 – 21.09.2023 15:59

Nordic Culture and Art Programme

The Culture and Art Programme supports Nordic cooperation within art and culture. You can apply for funding for a project with artistic and/or cultural quality which promotes a multifaceted and sustainable Nordic region.

Application round: 12.08.2023 – 12.09.2023 15:59