Call for research proposals: Green Transition


For a successful green transition, new and research-based knowledge is paramount. In this Nordic-Baltic initiative by “NordForsk”, the focus is on three topics which are all important in the work towards a just green transition:

  1. Energy Efficiency in the Food Systems for a Green Transition
  2. Climate and Gender Perspectives
  3. Democratic Engagement and Citizen-Involvement in Green Transition

The call provides an opportunity for researchers to investigate different practices within and between the Nordic and Baltic regions, through comparative approaches to identify similarities, differences, and common challenges, and to identify, optimise and recommend best practices.

Available budget: NOK 137 million. Maximum amount of funding that may be sought: NOK 15 million. The research funding institutions of the Nordic and Baltic countries participating in the call allocated their financial contribution to one or more of the three topics of the call. Lithuania participates in all three topics via Research Council of Lithuania.

Application deadline: December 5, 2023, 13:00 (CET).

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