Meeting with Danish crime writer Michael Katz Krefeld

2019 / 11 / 08

Venue of event:

Contemporary Art Centre, Screening Hall (Vokiečių g. 2, Vilnius)

Time of event:

2019 / 11 / 08, 7:00 PM hours

Literature festival “Vilniaus lapai” and Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania invites you to a meeting with Danish crime writer Michael Katz Krefeld

Having won a big number of literary awards, Michael Katz Krefeld is one of the most popular Danish crime fiction writers. Michael started his career as a script writer of films and TV series and has written scripts for 15 Danish TV series. He made his literary debut in 2007. The author has enjoyed overwhelming success since then.

Time of the event: Friday, 8 November, 7.00 PM
Venue: Contemporary Art Centre, Screening Hall (Vokiečių g. 2, Vilnius)

Writer Michael Katz Krefeld in conversation with art critic Dr. Agnė Narušytė.

Ticket distributor “Tiketa”
Duration: 105 min.

Michael Katz Krefeld’s novels earn the most prestigious literary awards in Denmark and other Nordic countries and win the hearts of an international reader community.

Novels by this writer, who is called the king of the Danish crime thriller, are often characterised as psychological thrillers and writing across genres.

Michael’s novels are translated into 18 languages; his four novels are translated into the Lithuania language: “Derailed” (2014), “Missing” (2015), “The Cult” (2016), and ”The Deep” (2018). “The Deep” is his most recent thriller about betrayal, with realistic characters and a plot for a sharp mind, where both society and family betray.

The author analyses grave social problems: human trafficking, prostitution, and destinies of children from socially vulnerable families.