Webinar: The educational gap between boys and girls with a foreign background in the Nordic region

2022 / 03 / 17

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Time of event:

2022 / 03 / 17, 11:00-12:15 hours

Boys with foreign backgrounds have lower grades, worse test results, and more boys than girls leave school with incomplete diplomas. This means that there is a higher risk for boys to not have access to the labour market and in the long run become outsiders in society.

On the 17th March the Nordic report on the differences between girls’ and boys’ school results will be presented. From the report it is clear that the educational gap is present in the whole of the Nordic region.

In the webinar it will be discussed what lies behind the differences in school performance and what we can be learned from our neighbour countries’ educational policy, as well as which reforms we want to avoid if we are to help the boys catch up.

Translation from Scandinavian languages to English (subtitles) will be provided online.

You can register to the webinar here.


  • Dr. Lovisa Broström and docent Birgitta Jansson, university lecturers of social work at the University of Gothenburg, who have written the report (Sweden)
  • Asim Latif, Chairman of the Nordic Migrant Forum, development manager for the Funds for Social Responsibility (Denmark)
  • Pamela Granskog, the National Board of Education (Finland)
  • Kaisa Kepsu, project manager, the Nordic Welfare Centre

Contact persons:

  • Kaisa Kepsu, kaisa.kepsu@nordicwelfare.org
  • Helena Lagercrantz, helena.lagercrantz@nordregio.org