Shaping the Future: First Nordic-Baltic Youth Summit to Take Place in Vilnius


Vilnius Town Hall, photo by M. Krilavičienė

Vilnius, Lithuania, is gearing up to welcome the very first Nordic-Baltic Youth Summit. Bringing together 250 participants from Nordic and Baltic countries, the project promises to be a dynamic platform forging connections, building trust, and fostering collaboration across the region. Powerful, united, and shaping tomorrow – the Nordic-Baltic youth are claiming the spotlight on September 27-28th, 2024. The summit is made possible by financial support from the Nordic Committee for Children and Young People (NORDBUK) and the Nordic Council of Ministers.


Welcome to the happiest country for youth!

Organized and hosted by the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania in collaboration with Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT) and The National Council of Swedish Children and Youth Organisations (LSU), the project aspires to transform into a long-lasting tradition aimed at making the Nordic-Baltic region the best place for children and young people.

“The core principle guiding the Nordic-Baltic Youth Summit is to foster an environment where the voices of children and youth are not only heard but actively shape a more inclusive and participatory society. We’re thrilled to host this event in Lithuania, recently ranked as the happiest country in the world for youth according to the World Happiness Report”, – says Helén Nilsson, the director of the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania.

Nordic Youth Summit in Oslo, 2022

The idea to bring together participants from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden Greenland, Åland, and the Faroe Islands was far from accidental. Expanding from successful past Nordic Youth Summits in Reykjavik and Oslo, the project will now include the Baltic countries, bringing together Youth Councils from across the region. Bound by commonalities in size, democratic values, and rapid-paced economic and social development these countries and territories undoubtedly share similar challenges and strengths.

Nordic Youth Summit in  Reykjavik, 2023

Youth Empowerment in Action

Since its initiation, the Summit has aimed to prioritize the needs of young people and it’s programme has been tailored to address their pressing concerns. Guided by survey results, these topics range from democracy and youth well-being to mental health, peace/security, climate action, and youth involvement. Aligning with these priorities, workshop partners – including Nordregio, Nordic Information on Gender (NIKK), Nordic Welfare Center, Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society (MUFC) and more – will offer fresh insights into key issues such as fast fashion, gender equality, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

The concept of youth creating content for their peers in a way that speaks to them has been fundamental. That’s why the project’s visual identity was developed in collaboration with design students from the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Selected from numerous submissions, the winning concept by Patricija Kell, Živilė Aleknavičiūtė, and Juta Kibildytė captures the essence of the Nordic-Baltic region. Utilizing special alphabet characters from various languages spoken in the region, their design celebrates cultural diversity while creating a fun and collaborative environment for the Summit.

Sustainability at the core

The Summit will be located at the Vilnius Town Hall, the very heart of Vilnius Old Town, where historical building will be transformed into lively, buzzing venue.

The project is also a direct step towards fulfilling the Nordic Council of Ministers Vision 2030, which envisions Nordic-Baltic region as the most sustainable and integrated region in the world. In line with this plan, the summit is dedicated to minimizing its ecological footprint and adhering to the highest sustainable standards, drawing inspiration from the latest recommendations of the Nordic Green Roadmap for cultural institutions.

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